Thursday, July 26, 2007

888 not rogue any longer

888 casino took over a year to clean up their act but they finally made an effort to root out their rogue affiliates. Since this is now a reputable casino group I will write a review on them for my new Italian site Giochi Casino Online

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Friday, May 26, 2006 is truly rogue online casino attempted to redeem themselves at the casino affiliate programs website and enter into a dialogue to clean up their act. This has failed miserably. Professional Casino Webmasters like myself take pride in providing users with good and valid information that is free of spam. itself and its rogue affiliates have repeatedly violated these principles through several search engine spam techniques, as well as large scale e-mail and blog spam. When they reentered the dialogue with honest webmasters, promised to close affiliate accounts that employed search engine spam. However, it soon became apparent that 888´s efforts to prevent and pursue further Spam were halfhearted at best. aka Cassava enterprises the parent company of Reef club casino, Casino-on-net, and Pacific Poker obviously has no intention to attract visitors by legitimate means. What you should ask yourself is this: If a casino can´t attract visitors through the quality of it´s operation, how good a casino is it?

Monday, May 22, 2006

888 casino employs blog spam

There is evidence that 888 casino also known as Casino-on-Net and parent company of online gambling sites Pacific Poker and Reef Club Casino condondes the spamming of blogs by affiliates. Other sources even suspect that 888 itself is the perpetrator. David Galbraith suspects 888 to have spammed his blog. Clearly the spamming must have been so outrageous that he turned of the comment function for guests altogether. Gaming affiliates have reported many instance of rogue behaviour by 888 casino and an ever growing number of affiliates, including myself is spreading the word about their understanding of ethics. This rogue casino employed many illegal tactics to lure unsuspecting visitors to their site and the aforementioned blog spamming is just one of them. When a blog is spammed the spammer hopes to attract direct clicks from readers of the blog and also benefit from the blogs good search rankings. My own research has discovered massive blog spam entries on two different German sites. The screenshots below show you the keywords the spammers are optimizing for such as 888,